Recognizing Digestive Disorders in Toddlers and How to Overcome them

Indigestion in toddlers (under three years) is a common occurrence. This condition can be unsettling for mothers, especially if it causes Little to be fussy all the time. Therefore, it is important for Mother to know the digestive disorders commonly experienced by toddlers, how to cope, as well as how to prevent them. Toddlers who experience indigestion will generally cause symptoms such as fuss, flatulence, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, to dehydration. Usually these symptoms appear because your child eats too much, has a gastrointestinal infection, or lactose intolerance. This condition also often arises due to the digestive system Little is still in its infancy, and is still adjusting to the type of intake given. Digestive Disorders Commonly Experienced Toddlers There are several digestive disorders commonly experienced by toddlers, including: Spit up Spit up is a normal condition, because the baby's throat is not fully developed. In addition, the size of the stomach is
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